Our private money lending requirements.

Our group specializes in investors that are focused primarily on the following criterias (NONE OWNER OCCUPIED PROPERTIES ONLY):
  1. Borrower is looking to fix and flip single family homes, for immediate retail sale, after completion of all necessary repairs, and require funds to purchase the property and complete the repairs.
  2. Borrower is looking to purchase properties to be used primarily for, i.e. rental properties, Airbnb usage.
  3. Borrower is looking for additional cash-flow from properties they already own and rent out (not occupied by the owner, but a renter or is vacant), that a fully paid for, and are looking for cash to invest in additional properties.
  4. We can also assist Wholesalers in helping their potential clients get funding, to purchase the properties they have available in their inventory for sale.

*Please be sure the property is under contract, between you (the borrower) and the seller, before you contact us for funding assistance.

Contact us by phone or email, so we can get your application process started.